Connection to You

Yoga is about connetion and practice of yoga adjusts towards the practitioner’s needs. Practice can be only physical, only mental, only spiritual or any combination between all aspects. Yoga can just a sweaty workout, moment of relaxation or it can extend to a way of life. Through compassion, allowance and staying with all kinds of sensations the practices of yoga asana (postures) and pranayama (breathing excercices) challenge mentally and physically revealing whatever needs to be faced. Yoga as a physical practice to me is a mirror, an endless curious journey to explore where the edges of physical and mental comfort zone lie in this moment. Yoga reveals itself through meditation, physical practice and connecting with the breath and as well in connection between the others and the nature. Yoga (योग, to yog, union) is about removing obstacles and filters from awareness to see itself clear. To identify with universal instead of personal awareness. To hold a vision whilst trusting the process of ups and downs, seeing through the patterns of apparent life and moments. Read more of me as a teacher and student of yoga here.

Weekly classes 2019


(This is a draft. Some classes will be specified and updated later. Most classes are suitable for all levels, inquiry if in doubt. Vinyasa flow classes require some experience in dynamic yoga asana practice and adventurous mind ;)

* = Suitable for all/Basics

** = Intermediate/Some experience

***= Intermediate/Strong experience


  • 10-11 Lämpöjooga *, LadyLine, Nihtisilta

  • 15:45-17 Flow in english */**, UniSport, Otaniemi

  • n. 18-21:30 Evening classes (Upside down, Vinyasa flow, Yin), Sagayoga, Punavuori


  • 6:30-7:30 Sivanandajooga */**/***, Yogaroom Lumo, Suomenoja

  • 17:25-18:40 Flowjooga */**, UniSport, Meilahti


  • 6:30-7:30 Morning class, Sagayoga, Töölö




  • 10-11:15 Vinyasa flow **/***, Yogaroom Lumo, Suomenoja

  • 11:30-12:30 Yin *, Yogaroom Lumo, Suomenoja

  • 13:30-14:45 Yin *, UniSport, Otaniemi

  • n. 17-21 Evening classes combo (Upside Down, Vinyasa, Yin), Sagayoga, Töölö

Workshops 2019

All kinds of fun going to happen in 2019, stay tuned!

Private classes/Corporate classes

Tarjoan viikkotuntien lisäksi yksilöllisesti rakennettuja kokonaisuuksia joogaa mihin tahansa tarpeeseen. Olen opettanut joogaa useita kaikenlaisille ryhmille aloittelijoista edistyneisiin, kaiken kokoisille, kaiken ikäisille, polttariseurueille, tyky-päivissä, joogafestivaaleilla, säätiöillä ja kaikenlaisia yritystunteja raksamiehistä tai bussikuskeista lukio-opettajiin. Räätälöin aina harjoituksen yksilöllisesti toiveiden mukaan. Harjoitus voi olla esimerkiksi yin, lempeä, dynaaminen, virtaava, restoratiivinen, rentouttava, voimistava...niin yksinkertaista tai monimutkaista kuin tarvitaan. Ota yhteyttä joko tai sivujeni yhteydenottolomakkeen kautta. 

I offer private and corporate yoga and meditation classes according to your needs. Practice can be relaxing, strong, dynamic, restorative, flow, yin.. However simple or special is needed. I’ve taught yoga to all levels of practitioner, different sized groups (1 to 80 people) and all kinds of groups: children, adults, elders, beginners, experienced, yoga festivals, corporate classes, bus drivers, classroom teachers, sparkling wine yoga, bachelorette parties… All inquiries through or the contact form at this site.